Monday, October 14, 2013

Praying for Crazy Things

Sometimes I pray for crazy big things.

I know they're crazy.
I know it's asking for something huge.
But here's the thing; I know absolutely for certain that God will answer.
He always answers.

Right now I have a really big thing on my heart.  I want to move to Ireland.  I know!  Right?  From Austin to Ireland.  Yep, that's crazy and that's huge.  But that's what's on my heart.  I've loved Ireland for as long as I can remember.  Part of my family immigrated from Ireland.  St. Patrick's Day is one of my favorite holidays and we celebrate it big.  Jerad has actually worked in Ireland.  The company he works for has a division there and he could possibly relocate there one day.  And now...well my oldest son has a pen pal in Ireland (in the same city where Jerad has done work by the way) through his school.

I have big dreams for moving to Ireland.  I can see us living in a cute little cottage on rolling green hills surrounded by sheep.  Yes, I absolutely know this is crazy.  But even bigger than that are my dreams of telling the people in Ireland about Jesus.  I know it's not some country that's never heard of Jesus.  I know it's not run by people that hate Christians.  It may not seem like a lofty dream to reach people that have never heard the gospel.  But then again, maybe it is.  Everyone knows Ireland is hugely Catholic.  A majority of the people call themselves Catholic.  However, (from the research I've done) the majority of those people are not practicing Catholics.  The majority practice no faith at all.  The Irish people need Jesus just like the rest of the world.  I want to tell them about Jesus.  I want to tell them about the Gospel.  I want to share the truth of the Gospel that will bring them to salvation.  I want to go.

I'm gonna be real with you here and tell you that I have absolutely no idea if this is what God's heart is for my family.  I'm okay with that.  I pour out my heart to God all the time and find out that what I want is no where near what he wants.  I'm learning (slowly) that what he wants is always better.  So, if he doesn't move our family then what has planned for us is FAR FAR better than Ireland.

This is something I love about God, he is my father and because of that I can ask him for crazy big things and he'll smile at me and answer.  Right now that answer is wait, and one day he's gonna answer with yes or no.

So, I'm spending time praying about it.  I'm praying that God will allow a way for us to move there if it's what he wants for us.  I'm asking him to change my heart if it's not his plan for us.  I'm praying for contentment where ever he wants us.

I'm thankful that God hears and answers my prayers.  I'm thankful he's a father that wants to give his children good gifts.

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