Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Day My Husband Thought He was Gonna Get Some Love and Got 2 Puppies Instead

My kids have been asking for a dog for forever. I always said we'd get one once every one was potty trained, 'cause there is NO WAY this mamma was gonna be potty training a kid and a puppy at the same time.  Well, it finally happened.  After 9 years of someone always being in diapers (umm...we had 3 in diapers at one point) our youngest was finally potty trained and talk began about bringing a puppy into our house.

Then my sweet friend posted this picture on facebook...
She said there were 8 puppies that needed a good home and they were Lab/Border Collie Mix (also known as Boradors).

For the love...they were sooooo cute....and free...and adorable....and free...

So, I casually mentioned the puppies to my sweet husband and begged  sweetly asked if we could get one.  He was in the middle of trying to decide about a new job and asked if we could talk about it later. I pouted understood and told him we could wait.

But...I thought it wouldn't hurt just to take a look.  I set up a time to go look at their sweet faces and maybe take some more cute pictures to try to manipulate convince my husband.  I mean there was no way I was gonna bring one home because they were only 5 weeks old and weren't ready to leave their sweet momma.

Except that's not what happened.  What happened is that I saw them and found out the mom had stopped feeding them and they were ready to go home to a new family.  So I did what any sane person would do.  I picked 2!!!!  I mean come on...I have 4 boys...seriously how were they supposed to share 1 can you imagine if I took 1 puppy who was used to being with her 8 brother and sisters and made her sleep alone...that's just mean.  So I picked the cutest 2 sisters and named them Fiona and Scarlet.  I headed to Petsmart and spent almost $400 to get everything I needed (puppies need a lot of stuff apparently) and headed home.

Please allow me just to put another picture in here of how cute they are so you forget about the craziness that I have brought into my house...

Then I did it.  I called Jerad and told him to come for lunch because I had a surprise for him and he thought what any sane man would think.  He thought he was coming home for some afternoon delight.  Except he didn't get any lovin', he got 2 puppies....and a big smile from me.  I felt so bad when I found what he thought he was gonna get.  He was sweet and just laughed about it, but I knew I didn't do the right thing.  It was a huge decision that I made completely without him.  Later that night we talked through it and worked it all out and the puppies are still living happily in our home.

It's three weeks later and he and the boys love them.  Yes, I apologized for bringing them home without asking.  Yes, I'm working on what it actually means to be a submissive wife (I'm sure there's a blog post coming).

This is what they look like now and how much they love Jerad and I think the feeling is mutual...

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