Monday, September 9, 2013

Hello Community

Today I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard for her Hello Monday Series.

Hello to a group of people that I have come to absolutely adore.  We share meals, our lives, our hopes and dreams. We share in each others joys and sorrows.  We share in our successes and failures. And we've got a firefighter that can cook some mean migas! 

Hello to friends that I can call and share when I'm struggling and they will tell me about Jesus.  They'll remind me how much he loves me.  They'll speak truth into in my life.  When they tell me about their struggles they trust me to do the same.  I can share the love of Christ and we can rejoice in God's grace and mercy.

Hello to kids that get to grow up seeing their parents love Jesus and spend their days living for him.  Kids that we pray will one day do big giant things for the kingdom of God.  Kids that are developing their own love for Jesus and developing their own faith in God.

I am so grateful that I don't have to live this life alone.  I have a group of people that God has blessed me with that will spur me on in faith.  We have deep theological talks about things we have questions about.  We have fun talks about zombies.  We have talk about every day life; kids that disobey, problems at work, the laundry that 4 kids can produce.  We're regular people, with regular lives, living with a mission to share Jesus with others.

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