Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Beginning of Being Brave

I'd like to say that I began this year with this grand resolution, a statement of purpose, a mission for the year that would be life changing...but I didn't.  Instead New Years passed like any other day and I guess I resolved to stay the same.  But sameness isn't what I want or what I'm called to.  My calling is higher than sameness.

Over the past few months I've thought a lot about what that actually looks like in my life.  What will it mean for me to step out of the sameness that holds me back from the life that God has called me to?  What will it mean to fully step into the gift of this life God has given me?

Bravery...being brave enough to let Jesus change my heart.  Asking him to bring the bravery into my cowardly heart.  Truth is I'm a coward through and through.  I worship at the alter of approval and cower at the idea of being disapproved of.

But bravery is what I'm called to.  God has given me this heart to desire his will. For me to cower at the thought of stepping out and following him is to not trust that he is enough and all the approval I need comes from him.

So, being brave I am baring myself on this blog.  Sharing my heart, my creativity, my desires.  Brave enough to share my struggles and how God is changing my heart into a heart like his.

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