Thursday, June 20, 2013

11 Years Going on Forever

Eleven years.  I know people say this and I never really believe them, but honestly it feels like yesterday.

We were so naive, so young, so in love.

I thought getting married would solve all our problems.  We'd finally be together.  We'd finally get to...well, you know...and that of course would solve everything : )

I never (and I really mean never) saw my parents fight or really even disagree.  (I'm guessing that they had disagreements behind closed doors) So I assumed every marriage was like that and that when we got married we'd never fight.  I mean what could there possibly be to fight about?  The stress of the wedding would be gone.  We'd be able to finally be together all the time.  I was delusional.  Our first fight, probably the first week we were home, rocked my world.  Marriage wasn't all sunshine and roses.  It was work.  Hard work.  Really hard work.

We were both sinful.  We were both selfish and short tempered.  We both sucked.  A Lot.

But then something happened.  We stopped thinking of ourselves first.  We stopped trying to meet our own needs and started serving each other.  We started trying to show Jesus to those around us through our marriage.  He became the center of our marriage and it saved our family.  He forgave us and we forgave each other.  The more we loved him the more we loved each other.

It wasn't quick.  It wasn't easy.   But it was worth it.  Every single tear, every long discussion, every night we didn't sleep so we could work out our problems.  All the effort was worth it.

Some people complain about their spouse and say "He's not the man I married" (or vice versa).  I say "Thank the Lord."  I'm so thankful we're not the same people we were 10 years ago.  God has changed us and made us so much better.

**Our anniversary was the first day I was in London, but we got to celebrate before I left.  I'm forever grateful for my husband.**
**Photos by the amazing talented Scott Wade

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